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Dry July

Posted by Danny Williams  | 01 Jul 2019

Dry July

Some may be freaking out we’re already half-way through another year, others are rising to the challenge by taking part in Dry July! 
Dry July is a not-for-profit organisation and a fundraiser that encourages you to go alcohol-free in July in order to raise funds for people affected by cancer. 
Originated by three mates in 2008 who wanted to raise enough money for a TV to  be placed inside the waiting room of their local hospital, ended up walking away with $250 000 and a wonderful foundation. 
The Dry July Foundation proudly supports a number of cancer organisations across Australia and consequently have been able to fund projects and programs that improved the well-being and comfort of all those affected by cancer. Projects and initiatives have included things such as wellness programs, transport services, accommodation closer to treatment, hospital equipment or specialist nurses. 
Cancer is a leading cause of death in Australia. An estimated 145,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year and that figure is set to rise to 150,000 by 2020 (1).  Research is forever evolving but currently the best cure is prevention.
  • Are you a male and over the age of 50? It’s time to get a faecal occult blood test. Around 90% of bowel cancer cases are cured if detected early
  • Are you a female over the age of 40? Ensure your mammograms are performed every 2 years. Has an immediate family member been diagnosed with breast cancer? You are an exception and it’s advised to get tested 15 years before the age of your family member was diagnosed. More importantly it’s important for women of all ages to get to know the normal look and feel of their breasts. If you notice any changes, talk to your doctor. 
  • How regularly do you get your moles checked? We live down under where the ozone is diminishing. Australians should be checking their skin every 3 months & those at risk should have a trained doctor examine your moles once a year. 
  • Notice any unexpected weight loss, blood in your urine, lumps or swollen glands, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness or if you are concerned about anything related to your health, always, ALWAYS  talk to your GP. 
This year, so far 35,630 are going dry and $3,255,264 has been raised. Are you up for the challenge? For more information please visit
Yours in good health, 
Team at SYO 

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