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Love your posture

Posted by Danny Williams  | 13 Feb 2019

We all know that February is the month of love, but did you know that there are different ways to attract romance into your life? Just having the correct posture is a good way to find love. No spells necessary.

‘Self-confidence is a very attractive trait in a person, standing tall on your first date can be a first step toward creating real attraction’[1]

According to this recent study published in the Psychological Science journal, standing tall is the first step in the right direction towards attracting positive relationships into your life. A powerful posture is more important than good looks, an impressive title, an ivy-league education and a take-charge attitude.

So how do we create self-confidence in our posture? Let’s work on the standing position.

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart with your feet facing forwards. Do not have your feet turned out as this already shortens your stature.
  2. Lift your chest up slightly and relax your shoulders. This stops you from appearing as though you have rounded shoulders.
  3. This automatically allows your breathing to be calm and controlled allowing your nervous system to slow down.

This posture is also very beneficial for the health and function of your body as it actively allows the correct functioning of your skeleton and organs. This is mainly due to your breath.


[1] L. Huang, A. D. Galinsky, D. H. Gruenfeld, L. E. Guillory. Powerful Postures Versus Powerful Roles: Which Is the Proximate Correlate of Thought and Behavior? Psychological Science, 2010

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